Our Story

Justin and I live for adventures. We were fortunate to have met and fell in love with each other and with the varied landscapes and activities that were all within a short drive from our home in Durango, Colorado. We decided early on that no activity was too small to be given the title of an “adventure”. That meant that trying out a new restaurant or riding bikes downtown to meet friends all had  an extra air of excitement to them. It also led the way for us to dream of the big adventures that we would like to accomplish. We were able to  get married, get lost on backpacking trips, travel to South Korea, and take sailing lessons in Thailand.  These all brought us to our biggest adventure yet, moving to the coast in search of a sailboat!

With our sailing lessons complete, put the house up for rent and sold most of our belongings and headed to the Texas coast in our RV. Lopa, our Husky, asked to stay in the Utah mountains with Justin’s dad while Pete, our hound, came along for the ride.

Once our search for a sailboat began, it only took 3 months to find her! A Valiant 32 which we will name Nymeria. We will be living aboard in Kemah, Texas on Clear Lake, which is just off of Galveston Bay. Of course we will share with you the ceremony to wipe the previous name off of Poseidon’s/Neptune’s Ledger of the Deep and we look forward to sharing all of our future adventures with you.

I hope you will follow along and join us for our next adventures!