Our Story

Justin and I live for adventures, even if they are just in our own back yard.  We are fortunate to live in the beautiful 4 corners area which allows us all of the seasons to go out and explore. From the desert to the lakes and streams, from the desert valleys to the mountain peaks, we are in constant awe of the world around us. We would love to share our adventures with you, however small or grand. Come along with us as we find our muse, the great outdoors!

Justin  Justinme 4 Shannon

Justin grew up primarily in Park City Utah. He moved to Durango to go to college in 1999 and gained a degree in Computer Science. After graduating and landing a job, he quickly put down roots in Durango by becoming a homeowner. I grew up in Sand Spring, Oklahoma and became a Speech-Language Pathologist. After living in Arkansas and Louisiana, I moved to the 4 Corners area in 2008. Justin and I met through mutual friends and quickly determined that we wanted to explore the world together.

LopaPete lopa 2Pete desert

Pete and Lopa

Justin rescued Lopa, a white Huskie/Shepard mix, in 2007 when she was a year old. I rescued Pete, a Black/Tan Coonhound mix, in 2005 when he was also around a year old. They are getting up in years but aside from a few recent health scares, they are up for anything that we throw at them. They love to go anywhere we go and we hate leaving them behind.