Serenity (our Travel Trailer RV)

Serenity is our 2007 22ft K-Z Frontier Travel Trailer. Or, more generally,our current home.

We purchased it in October of 2016, after deciding that instead of renting an unknown apartment in some unknown city, for an unknown length of time while we search for our sailboat. The RV parks right an the beach, and nearby anywhere we want to be, along with the flexibility of being able to just pick up and go somewhere else if the search dries up was too good an idea to pass up.


Year: 2007
Make: K-Z Trailer
Model: 2205 Frontier
Length: 22ft with rear slide out retracted.
Dry Weight: 4380lbs
Max Weight: 6000lbs
Storage: 15 Gal Propane, 40 Gal Fresh water, 15 Gal Grey, 15 Gal Black
Amenities: Bathroom, Shower, 6 Gal Water heater, A/C, Microwave, Fridge, Freezer, Internal and External Propane Stove, Propane Oven


We currently tow with my 2005 Toyota Tacoma. It has a max tow rating of 6000lbs, so we are pushing it to its limits. So far we have traveled from SW Colorado, to Tulsa, OK, and down to Bolivar Peninsula, TX.