This may be our last…

Winter 2016-17 Thank you
Closing day at Purgatory

Last weekend, Shannon and I took a day off of house repair and travel prep to ski closing day at Purgatory. It was just about as perfect a spring skiing day can be. It was sunny and warm, and still a some good spring snow. After a few runs, we both realized that this may be our last ski day for at least a few years. This marked what may have been our first of many “lasts” that we will be having over the coming weeks.¬†That realization made the ski day much more meaningful. Instead of just lapping the runs and thinking of when to take a beer break, we slowed down and just took in what we may have taken for granted over the last 18 years in Durango.

On Tuesday we headed to our regular Super Teds Super Trivia, hosted at the Ska Brewing world Headquarters. We had known for weeks that the Ska trivia season was over, but it finally struck us that this would be our last one as we will be gone by the time the next season starts. We again took that little bit extra to try and remember the wins, the losses, the MANY nights winning the “mediocre” award, and above all, the regular gathering of Los Jefes to drink, have fun, and sometimes answer the questions correctly.

Change is inevitable, instead of holding on the the past, and what has been comfortable, it is time to fully embrace the coming change. These last few weeks have shown me that I need to look closely at all the things that I have, that I do, and that I think, and decide weather or not that thing is helping me toward the next goal, or if it is just something that I do, or have taken for granted for so many years.

While there are many more lasts to come over the coming weeks. It is not the end of anything, but the beginning. The beginning of our next adventure.